A Short Walk for Longfellow (Watch slideshow for pictures!!)

It was February
Two thousand-ten
I went to a place
I had never been.

A little city
By the sea
To visit my daughter
Anna Leigh.

As I walked the sidewalk
Paved in stone,
I found him sitting
All alone.

Who was this man
In the round about
Henry Longfellow
I began to shout.

Past the statue
I continued to stroll
More Longfellow
I would come to know.

A pig in the window
With a golden sheen
A restaurant named

Henry Longfellow
Left his mark
In building, on streets
And even a park.

Words and rhymes
and Metaphors
Longfellow Books
The name of a store.

The people of Portland
Love their poet
The Historical Society
Was built to show it.

The house with a garden
And artifacts
A view of the parlor
Where Henry relaxed.

Longfellow spoke of
The patter of feet and
Of the voices
Oh, so sweet.

It was within the walls
Of this stately house
That Longfellow lost
His beloved spouse.

They say it was hot wax
Or a match that fell
On her gauzy dress
Creating Longfellow hell.

My mother had taught me
About the girl
You know the one
With the little curl.

Or "Listen children
And you will hear"
Those words he wrote
For Paul Revere.

But darkness loomed
And lonely was he
He was lost for words
Without Fanny.

I hope one day
To walk again
Along the streets
Where Longfellow's been.

To visit more lighthouses
That lit the way
And eat more lobster
By the bay.

This little city by
The sea
Is more charming than
I dreamed it'd be