Links to more information on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Link to Longfellow's home in Massachusetts
The Craigie House

Link to Harvard University's Houghton Library: Celebration of Longfellow's 200th Birthday

Link Longfellow's family home in Portland, Maine

Link to Longfellow website by Maine Historical Society

Link to the website celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Longfellow's famous poem "Paul Revere"

Link to Portland Head Lighthouse History
Longfellow Stamp

Link to Smithsonian article on Longfellow in rememberence of his 200th Birthday

Longfellow National Historic Site
For a complete account of Peleg Wadsworth’s bravery in action
Poets’ Corner: text of poems
Paul Revere’s testimony about his ride.
Summary and map of the midnight rides of Revere, Dawes and the British.
The “Free Features” provide a look at some of the important issues of Longfellow’s times
using text, illustrations, and cartoons taken from Harper’s Weekly magazine.
Link to the Longfellow Chorus-musical versions of Longfellow's songs